Our Company


We believe in providing exemplary care to our research participants through total commitment.

At Physician Care Clinical Research, we ...

  1. Consider the specific requirements and real life challenges of our research volunteers and provide solutions
  2. Ensure the competence of our personnel and demonstrate our ability to apply knowledge and skills, while providing clinical research services
  3. Abide by confidentiality requirements to any proprietary information while providing services
  4. Always ensure an appropriate balance between the principals of openness and confidentiality, including responsiveness to complaints, necessary in order to demonstrate integrity and credibility to all users of our services
  5. Always be committed to continually maintain highest standard of business ethics and professional integrity in all its activities across the organization
  6. Build long lasting relations with our research participants and healthcare professionals


The longevity of our staff is of great benefit to our study participants - our staff knows how to build real trust and create lasting bonds. Our staff members are always committed to respecting the individuality and dignity of all study volunteers.

We have a proven track record of responsiveness and quality - focusing on providing the very best medical and nursing care possible.

Meet the Physician Care Clinical Research staff- individuals who exemplify the high-caliber, trustworthy and service-oriented qualities that are the core of this organization.