Patient Center

Physician Care Clinical Research is dedicated to compassionate care and unsurpassed quality. We have worked very hard to combine our expert training, long experience, continuing improvements and quality assurance programs to make your research participation experience more reassuring. We have gained the confidence of thousands of loyal patients and the area medical community with our exceptional standard of care.


Why choose us...

When participating in any clinical research trial with us, you are under the care of a Board Certified physician who is highly recognized for his superior quality of care - Dr. G. Michael Swor, MD.

In addition to our internal expertise we collaborate with local medical specialists who share our passion for quality.

We can offer you advanced treatments not yet widely available. Although woman's health issues are our specialty, given the breadth and depth of our center's experience and that or our affiliated physicians, there is no therapy area in research that is beyond our capabilities.

Our Oath to You:

We have a proven track record of responsiveness and quality, and are renowned for providing compassionate care.

As Sarasota County's leader in research, we vow to:

  1. provide all our study research participants with unbiased information on clinical trials
  2. provide health and educational resources about clinical trials and other health information
  3. communicate clearly with our research participants and referring physicians throughout their research participation

A Word from Some of our Previous Patients:

  • Jennica - I don't have insurance and the treatment I needed was extremely expensive. I did one of your studies and got the medical treatment I couldn't afford for FREE plus a pap, ultrasound, mammogram, and blood work. I can't say thank you enough.
  • Andres - My daughter was part of your pediatric vaccine study... Thank you for treating her so special. The nurse was very gentle and explained everything to her while it was happening. She always asks when she can go again...
  • Randy - I live in Bradenton and have to ride my bicycle everywhere. The way your office treated me and the medical treatment I received was well worth every pedal.

All research staff at Physician Care Clinical Research is trained and certified so that they have the necessary expertise to address your needs and those of clinical studies.

If you would like to participate or have any questions, please Contact Us.