About Us

Physician Care Clinical Research is a multi-specialty, independent, dedicated research facility with an emphasis on women’s health care. In 2004, we began conducting Phase II, III and IV pharmaceutical and device clinical trials for major national and international pharmaceutical companies. All clinical trials conducted at our center are conducted in strict accordance with FDA guidelines.

We perform clinical trials under strict adherence to ICH-GCP, FDA GCP, dedicated to a high level of protocol compliance and responsive to critical communication between sponsor, site, IRB, study personnel, and related trial entities.

With our experience, communication is the foundation of our entire operation. We firmly believe in transparency in communication with our research participants. It is about reinforcing the trust they place in us and we honor that trust. In that spirit of partnership, our team takes on the responsibility of being the sole point of contact, relaying information on a continuous basis through scheduled study visits, teleconferences, emails, and periodic updates.

Our patient's safety is a prime concern - we take all necessary precautions ensuring medications or treatments do not conflict with research protocols.

Physician Care Clinical Research partners with leading physicians in Sarasota and Manatee County who are equally committed to providing outstanding patient care.

We provide an opportunity for qualifying individuals to safely participate in research that may lead to more effective, life-enhancing medical treatments worldwide. Our clinical trials present patients with not only access to new treatment options, they also receive expert medical care by some of Sarasota and Manatee County's most awarded and highly recognized medical professionals, along with an opportunity to help society and advance science.

All study-related visits and procedures are provided at no expense to our study patients. In addition, study participants may be compensated for time and travel.

Research Experience

    • Physician Care Clinical Research is experienced in:

      • Women's Health

      • Men's Health

      • Pediatric Health

      • Adolescent Health

    • and has conducted research trials in the following categories:

      • Cardiology

      • Gastroenterology

      • Geriatrics

      • Gynecology / Obstetrics

      • Neurology

      • Pain Management

      • Pediatrics

      • Perinatology

      • Psychiatry

      • Radiology

      • Urology

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide exemplary physical and emotional care to all our patient volunteers. We are dedicated to advancing healthcare excellence. We aim to provide patients and healthcare professionals access to the newest innovations for the diagnosis, treatment, and cure of diseases.

We demonstrate this by:

  • Partnering with leading medical professionals

  • Strengthening our relationships with colleges, hospitals, other agencies and our community

  • Innovative research

  • Providing the highest quality patient care where the value of every individual is recognized

  • Demonstrating social responsibility through the just use of our resources

  • Reaching out to under-served populations with the provisions of highly specialized services

Dr. Gregory Michael Swor, M.D.

What Makes us Different

We are more than just a contract organization, we are a partner to you. Think of us as a guide that helps you through the entire clinical trial process. We empower you to have the best possible experience with performing clinical trials.

Physician Care Clinical Research, Where the Promise of Exemplary Care....

..... Is A Commitment.